Swimming Pool Covers

We stock a full range of swimming pool covers and rollers to keep the heat in and debris out! Our full range includes insulation covers, solar covers, debris covers, above-ground covers, slatted covers and safety covers. All covers can be custom-made to fit any size or shape of swimming pool.

It’s worth investing in a well fitted, quality cover as this helps to reduce evaporation, meaning less chemical consumption and reduced heating bills.


Automatic Safety Covers

If you have little ones or pets, safety covers to help prevent anyone accidentally falling into the water.

Easy to operate, they close in just a few minutes – offering ultimate safety and peace of mind.

Pool safety covers from AquaGuard or Aquatop are made to size using only high-end materials. Energy saving and environmentally-friendly.

Swimming pool safety covers - Rockhopper Pools
Swimming pool safety covers - Rockhopper Pools
Swimming pool safety covers - Rockhopper Pools

Our automatic Pool Cover range

Simple and reliable, our automatic pool covers are open and closed using a key switch.

AquaTop Automatic Pool Cover

With its slatted cover, it offers enhanced safety and also restricts energy loss. Pools stay cleaner and chlorine levels are maintained for longer, cutting maintenance costs.

Samples and brochures available.

AquaTop Slats

Using hydraulics, a mechanism behind the pool rolls up the fabric to open the cover. High-strength ropes pull it closed, offering an easy and hassle-free option.

Samples and brochures available.

Swimming pool safety covers - Rockhopper Pools

AquaGuard Automatic Safety Cover

The perfect combination of total safety (carries the weight of several adults), comfort (automatic cover), energy saving (no evaporation) and cleanliness.

Samples and brochures available.

The concept is simple and reliable. The hydraulic mechanism behind the pool rolls up the fabric on an aluminium shaft to open the cover. To close the cover, high strength polyester ropes are pulled. These ropes are guided into aluminium tracks installed on top of under the coping stones. The cover is operated with a key switch connected to the hydraulic drive system.

Solar Covers

Summer solar covers are important to help retain swimming pool heat

Solar Covers – in standard range or GeoBubble high performance, can be cut to any size and can incorporate stairs. They can also feature a leading edge with fixings and pull cords. There is a range of rollers on offer to help place the cover on and take it off.

Samples and brochures available.

Winter Covers

A winter debris cover is essential for stopping leaves and rubbish from falling in the pool.

Once your pool has been prepared for the colder months, with a valet, water test and additional chemicals, you’ll need to fit a Winter Cover. As well as helping to keep your pool is pristine condition, come springtime, it means you can get your pool back up and running in no time.

All our covers are made to the highest standard. They are finest grade woven polyethylene and are also very strong and secure  – keeping your pool safe and clean through the winter months.

Available in blue, tan, grey and green.

Samples and brochures available.

Rockhopper Pools - Swimming Pool safety Covers

Did you know? A pool can take up to 20 weeks to build. Call our designers on 01243 584100 today!

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