Swimming Pool Breakdown & Maintenance

Don’t let a breakdown put a dampener on your fun. Our responsive callout team will identify the problem and quickly suggest the solution.

Rockhopper Pools - New Swimming Pool Build

Leak detection

Water level dropping and worried you could have a leak? We offer a full leak detection service using the latest electronic equipment.

Our team will thoroughly check and fix any problems so you can get back to enjoying yourself.

We Offer

  • A dive inspection
  • Pressure testing
  • Dye test Underwater repairs
  • Approved products.
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Swimming Pool Maintenance

Swimming Pool Heater

You want to extend the season for using your pool for as long as possible, so an efficient swimming pool heater is essential.  Whether your heater isn’t working properly or is leaking water, we offer trained engineers who are qualified to safely assess your pool heating.

We also supply and fit a full range of swimming pool quality gas boilers, air source heat pumps and can offer other options.

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Rockhopper Pools - Commercial Sand Filter

Sand Filter Replacements

Has your pool lost its sparkle? If your sand is over five years old, we would recommend you switch to an environmentally-friendly glass media filter, made from glass recycled in the UK.

The benefits

  • Removes up to 30 per cent more material and pollutants than sand
  • Needs 15 per cent less glass media than sand
  • Doesn’t degrade
  • Has a much longer life span.
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Did you know? A pool can take up to 20 weeks to build. Call our designers on 01243 584100 today!

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